Apparently this is my 3rd post. I’m going to do it on music. Music is a conspiracy of new world order.A great mystery of the dollar bill (American) Yup that’s it Illuminati. Some crazy $@#&. I heard someone did this once and got shot straight in the face. BRAINS ALL OVER THE WALL… Just kidding, I heard something about something getting shot square in the face so I guess I wanted to write all about it… Anyways. Music is a thing about enjoyment and entertainment, And a dash of beauty… But I live in the state of excellent native singer’s. such as… I don’t know any native singer’s except $%^#$@% Hehe… So i’m bored about writing music now 😛 so bye mu hows Just kidding :P… This is my last post btw (By the way) Unless im realllly bored and get lots of mail saying ” Peter some back to wordpress! We want to hear more of your random things from your mind 😦 ) Aite?      

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