2nd post about music… (Celebrities)

My last post was about Illuminati, Kids there faces blown off, & about my free mind.

This post is about something different. Music! Its about entertainment, Beauty, Fun and distraction of school. 86% of teenager’s, infant’s and a little bit of teacher’s are distracted of teaching and learning other’s. Just kidding I don’t really know about all that stuff… All I know it’s a good to listen too, Except Justin Beiber. He sucks in many ways. Well except the British Gal’s Since they’ve heard about him liking those kind’s hehe. Anyways about music its chill, brings people together and its fun like concerts and such, The only music I like is from Snoop dog just kidding, I’m sure he’s living young wild and free while he’s 40 something, Well I guess my post is about celebrities lol… For example that drug addict… Well I did my research and Im just shocked! Mr.s “And I well always love you” lol…But I’m thinking its Wiz Khalifa He’s always posting some stuff about weed I think, Well he takes pictures (Cover photo’s) Ahem! Cleared my throat. And I found out someone spread-ed my name all over the internet ( I told her I was going to do her’s but that blind thing didn’t know I was joking.) Mr.s Robin Vittrekwa Add her up on Facebook. Anyways If said my things on my mind so yolo just kidding oloy. Some… So this was for fun not for marks I guess but it you want… Feel free to tell other’s about me so they can follow me lol jk… L :P. Oh and I see that the most celebrity drunk is Mel Gibson At 6 of 10 ha-ha… Well bye I’m bored. 


Apparently this is my 3rd post. I’m going to do it on music. Music is a conspiracy of new world order.A great mystery of the dollar bill (American) Yup that’s it Illuminati. Some crazy $@#&. I heard someone did this once and got shot straight in the face. BRAINS ALL OVER THE WALL… Just kidding, I heard something about something getting shot square in the face so I guess I wanted to write all about it… Anyways. Music is a thing about enjoyment and entertainment, And a dash of beauty… But I live in the state of excellent native singer’s. such as… I don’t know any native singer’s except $%^#$@% Hehe… So i’m bored about writing music now 😛 so bye mu hows Just kidding :P… This is my last post btw (By the way) Unless im realllly bored and get lots of mail saying ” Peter some back to wordpress! We want to hear more of your random things from your mind 😦 ) Aite?      

2nd Post

This is my second post, thank god no one can see this but me and I don’t know who , but  who ever see’s this, I’m typing this in Chief Julius School, listening to music all bored and such, beside Destiny R*****  But eh this is like a journal or something for the world to see if they follow me just kidding When I’m done this I’m not going to go on it again cause this is the only thing I know what to do 😛

Hello lol…

this is an assignment text, I have to post three stuff in order to get a good mark…. So I need to follow some people I guess and steal their stuff… jk I don’t know how to work this “Word press”… I joined on Friday! so… here’s one post – “Blog” :L